Preschool Classes

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Dance Play classes are ideal if you want to introduce your child to the

joy of music and dance, develop their coordination and help stimulate

a colourful imagination.

Classes combine a wide range of music and dance experiences,

with carefully structured learning designed for the specific age and

development of your child.

Dee helps each child develop confidence, coordination and social

skills whilst learning to express themselves creatively and

encouraging a lifelong love of Music, Dance and Drama.

Children are accompanied by their parent/carer and participation is

expected. This means classes are a wonderful opportunity for you to

have fun with your child!

As well as being lots of fun, our preschool classes are educational and great for:

  1.     Boosting language skills

  2.     Developing musicality

  3.     Developing creative expression

  4.     Early numeracy skills

  5.     Developing social confidence

  6.     Gross and fine motor control

  7.     Learning to take turns and share

  8.     Developing listening and attention skills

  9.     Making new friends!

*Dance Play Age Calculation: we initially place

children in a class based on their age as at 31st March.

Children who have turned 2 by 31st March may join the

Toddlers class. (Children do not change classes after

their birthday.)

Why just dance when you can sing too? Now add an improvised

story, some simple costuming and explore the whole creative

experience. Your child will enjoy a variety of creative and

stimulating creative arts based experiences in a nurturing, fun and

inspiring atmosphere.

Dee makes every session special, full of exciting activities that

explore movement, dance, music and encouraging their speaking

and singing voices through stories and song.

Whatever their natural ability, pupils will find that our classes help

them improve their posture, coordination and stamina. They are

also a vital stepping stone in developing musical awareness,

story-telling skills and an enthusiasm for the art of dance which

they will carry with them through life. These classes are not about

creating a generation of super stars but helping to create positive,

creative, imaginative and secure individuals.

*‘Sing Dance Act’ Age Calculation: we initially place

children in a class based on their age as at 31st March.

If your child is 3 years old at 31st March then they would

be in a 3yo group.

Children who have turned 4 before 31st March join the

4yo Class (Children do not change classes after their


Does your child twirl around the living room? Skip down the footpath? Leap across puddles?

If “yes” is the answer then look no further than Flutter and Twirl. It’s a light, happy class that takes children further into the world of creative dance and the beginnings of ballet. Our teachers use Imagination and play-based learning approaches to encourage exploration, creativity and confidence in your child’s ability to move expressively.

Are you looking for an engaging activity to spark the

imagination and creativity of your child?

Whilst all our preschool classes are appropriate for both girls and boys,  we also have an amazing class just for the little fellas.

The activities in Boys Stuff allow the children to express themselves through music and movement with props, themes and activities to hold their interest and embrace their unique energy.

For those kids who like to get a little more funky, this one’s for the boppers and bouncers.

Your little groover can wiggle and giggle along to their favourite pop songs while learning the foundations of coordination and flexibility. This class is a great primer for  those who want to try jazz, funk and hiphop when they grow up.

Tap dancing is a big hit with kids who love to make noise! There are few things more exciting than having shoes that make music. Tippity Tappers classes are a fun way to build skills in rhythm, musicality and counting.

Want to give it a try? Your child is welcome to borrow some of our tap shoes until you’re certain it’s the right kind of dance for them.

Our Preschool classes are:

- Dance Play                - Sing Dance Act         - Flutter and Twirl

- Tippity Tappers        - Wiggle and Giggle


Tippity Tappers - For children attending 4yo kinder.

DANCE PLAY - For toddlers (with their parent/carer).*

SING DANCE ACT - For 3 & 4 year olds.*

BOYS STUFF - For boys age 3-5 yo

Flutter and Twirl - For children attending 4yo kinder.

Wiggle and Giggle - For children attending 4yo kinder.